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Sports Massage Therapy covers three main main categories: event (pre and post), maintenance, and rehabilitation.

Pre-event sports massage therapy takes place before an event (or workout) and warms up the muscles. This gets the blood circulation going, allowing longer workouts with reduced risk of injury, increased flexibility and a greater range of motion.

Post-Event sports massage therapy relieves muscle cramps and spasm and kick-starts the process of removing lactic acid that has built up during with exercise.

Maintenance sports massage is designed to help the athlete reach peak performance through a routine program of massage. It recharges and renews the tissues and reduces the risk of injury..

Rehabilitation sports massage therapy aids in the management of both acute and chronic injuries by increasing flexibility and the range of motion and reducing muscle scar tissue formation, muscle soreness, stiffness, cramps and pain.

These benefits are valuable not only for athletes, but for anyone who exercises on a regular basis.

The initial treatment involves a consultation and assessment session that generally take an hour. The length of further treatments will depend on the nature of the problem